Amy Nordrum

Amy Nordrum

News editor, IEEE Spectrum, New York, N.Y

Amy Nordrum is news manager for the technology and engineering magazine IEEE Spectrum. She assigns and edits news stories for the publication's website and monthly magazine. And on Saturdays, she sends a newsletter to staff and contributors to highlight a "lede of the week," share style tips, and recognize stories that Spectrum's readers really loved. Amy is a graduate of New York University's Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP) and is working on her MBA at NYU's Stern School of Business with a focus on the media industry.

Pitching guidelines:

IEEE Spectrum provides in-depth coverage of technology developments in fields such as computing, biomedical technology, power/energy, transportation, telecommunications, and robotics. Our audience includes many professional engineers, so it's important that we provide clear-eyed analysis and technical details without resorting to jargon or acronym-laden descriptions. We focus on emerging technology that's still in the research phase or pretty early in the commercialization pipeline and do very little gadget coverage.

Freelancers are welcome to pitch story ideas for news stories on any of the areas we cover. I'm especially interested in pitches about major milestones in a specific technology's development, illuminating examples of engineering setbacks or failures, and coverage of developments outside of Europe and the United States. I'd also very much like to hear pitches about controversies related to standards and roadmaps, or disagreements that could shape the direction or deployment of a technology in any of the fields we follow. News stories typically run 500 to 800 words. I don't often assign coverage of breaking news or embargoed studies that other outlets are likely to cover.

To pitch a story before or after PowerPitch, send an email to It's helpful if freelancers have some prior experience covering technology and can provide a few clips on topics that we've covered, but that's not mandatory.