Maggie Villiger

Maggie Villiger

Senior science + technology editor, The Conversation US, Boston, Mass.

Maggie Villiger is the senior science + technology editor for The Conversation US, an online news site with articles written by academics, edited by journalists and aimed at the general public. "Conversation" stories are disseminated to other media outlets for republication using a Creative Commons license.

Maggie studied neuroscience as an undergraduate because it was the most interdisciplinary science major. Confident she didn't want to be a bench scientist or a physician, she luckily realized that a career in science communication was possible. She earned a master's degree in science journalism from Boston University and has since worked in public radio, public television, museum exhibit creation, educational video production and more. Whatever the venue, Maggie strives to translate science concepts so they're accurate and accessible for a general audience.

Twitter: @MaggieConvo