Rob Jackson

Rob Jackson

Professor of earth and environment, Stanford University

Rob Jackson and his lab study the many ways people affect the earth. They're currently examining the effects of climate change and droughts on forest mortality and grassland ecosystems. They are also working to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the Global Carbon Project, which Jackson chairs. Examples of new research include establishing a global network of methane tower measurements at more than 60 sites worldwide and measuring and reducing methane emissions from oil and gas wells, city streets, and homes and buildings. As an author and photographer, Jackson has published a trade book about the environment (The Earth Remains Forever, University of Texas Press), two books of children’s poems, Animal Mischief and Weekend Mischief (Boyds Mills Press; Highlights magazine), and recent poems in literary journals such as Southwest Review, Cortland Review, Cold Mountain Review, Atlanta Review, and LitHub. His photographs have appeared in many media outlets, including the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and National Geographic News.